Morty looking so fine!

I just couldn’t resist this look that Morty is sporting! I wish you could hear the blissed out sounds he make as he is getting his laser treatment. He makes this little purring sound when I am on the affected areas. Very cute. Hard to resist this one!


Edit”Covid-19 Protocols in action: Miss Daisy gets her laser therapy on her front porch!”

I’ve taken it outside during Covid.  The House Call Vet isn’t going into anyone’s home these days.  I am masked up, bundled up and doing your pets exams and treatments in backyards on picnic tables and front porches.  I will always wear a mask and ask that you do as well.   Please be mindful of restraint and have your pet on a leash …. so that we don’t spend our time running after your dog in the backyard!  Yes, it has happened.  I know, Miss Daisy doesn’t have a leash on but she is glued to that machine. She loves her laser so much that she just follows the laser machine wherever it goes. Of course, if anyone in your household is sick please let me know and we will postpone the appointment. 

Village Vet

Village Vet House Calls, Dr. Valerie Maks
Concierge at home Veterinary Care in Tsawwassen and Ladner British Columbia

With over 20 years of experience, I take a limited number of patients and offer them one on one concierge Veterinary care.

What is Concierge Care? My patients are treated like family. I move quickly to assess your concerns and treat your animals issues. There are no middlemen. You have direct contact with me. When we can, we resolve your issues over the phone. When an exam is needed, I come. You are given a plan for when I am not immediately available. Your animals medications and food are delivered directly to your door.

I offer:
At home Veterinary care (during Covid-19 we are taking this outside your home)
Rehab therapy

Some of the services that can be done at your home:
Physical exams
Medical concerns involving skin, eyes, ears, gastrointestinal, urinary, cardiac and lungs
Viral, bacterial and parasite management
Rehab therapy using a class IV therapeutic laser

Please contact me via email. In that email please give me your animals history and your immediate concern. I check these emails once daily so please do not contact me for an emergency call. I require that you become an accepted client/patient before performing any euthanasias.

Once you have been accepted as a client/patient, you will be given direct access to my me via a cell phone. Text is always the fasted way to get a hold of me.

If you are down at Tsawwassen Springs, check out the Village Vet Christmas Tree.

This year, I have sponsored a tree for the Delta Hospital Fundraiser and decorated it in a dog theme (of course!). The tree features a massive lit dog bone tree topper, “Good Boy” in lights and fused glass dog bone tree ornaments dedicated to many of my beloved patients. We had a little mishap with the recent high winds, so if you don’t see your pets ornament, … it is likely in the kiln being repaired!